Year-Round Volunteer Opportunities

Girls Rock Dallas has been made possible by the hard work of many dedicated volunteers since its very beginning. These dedicated individuals work year-round to make camp a fun and engaging experience. If you have the energy, drive, and enthusiasm to devote to GRD, please consider getting involved with one of our exciting teams or join our Core Team. We need people with a wide range of skills for a variety of different tasks; we’re sure you’ll find something that suits your interests and abilities. While experience isn’t a requirement, previous knowledge is definitely an asset. We’re looking for individuals who are strongly self-motivated and task-oriented who can make a commitment to setting goals and seeing them through.  Check out our available year round positions and find out how you can help end rocklessness in Dallas’ girls and women forever!

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the organization and acts as a central decision-making body. The function of the board is to ensure that the camp upholds its mission; to set a direction and long-term goals for the organization; to advocate for and represent the organization in order to promote its welfare; to help bring resources to the organization; and to monitor, oversee, and assure the financial, programming, ethical, legal, and governmental integrity of the organization.  Interested in joining our Board of Directors? Click here to learn more.


Core Team

Girls Rock Dallas is currently seeking additional individuals to join their year around staff.  All positions are currently unpaid, although they provide an opportunity to do meaningful work for a nonprofit organization that matches your passions and values. Our positions provide great opportunity to network; build skills in a positive work environment with an incredible team of women. We are happy to work with your school to meet the requirements you need in order to receive credit, and we are happy to provide job recommendations and letters.

To view our current openings and apply, click here.


Girls Rock Dallas/Fort Worth is looking to build a group of volunteers to help steer our organization in the right direction. Interested in getting more involved? Learn about our Committees and join today!  To view our current committees, click here.

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