Volunteer Stipends

Thank you for volunteering your time and skills to Girls Rock Dallas!

We have set aside a small amount of money to be given out as volunteer stipends to help defray some expenses and encourage participation. As you know, Girls Rock Dallas is a nonprofit organization with limited resources that relies heavily on donations and support from the community to operate. We ask that volunteers request a stipend, only if not having one will directly affect their ability to participate in camp.

Stipends will range from $50 – $200 per volunteer for each summer camp session. We cannot afford to grant every stipend request. To best serve the organization, we will prioritize applicants whose involvement will help us meet our goals of building a demographically diverse volunteer group, and those who can offer the specialized skills that we need to make camp a success.

Please consider your income, resources, and expenses when determining whether or not to request a stipend, and the amount requested. We ask that you request the minimum amount that will help you defray your expenses. We are hoping applicants won’t think of it as, “It’d be great to get $200,” but rather as what you would really need to get by for the week within the range listed above. This process is honor-based and confidential. We do not require any supporting documentation for stipend consideration, so we expect you to be honest in your assessment and statement of financial need.

Finally, keep in mind that all volunteers are provided with breakfast and lunch on the days that they are volunteering at camp, in addition to snacks.

**This form is due with your volunteer application. Please note that absolutely no new stipend requests will be considered once camp has started.**

Thank you!

Name: *
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Estimated House Income: *
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Amount of Financial Assistance request: *
Reason for Requesting Financial Assistance: *
I understand and agree that my participation in Girls Rock Dallas is entirely voluntary and without compensation, and that I am not an employee of the camp. I understand that any financial assistance or travel reimbursement is not a salary or wage, and that it is intended only to defray some expenses associated with volunteering my time at camp.
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