July Featured Instructor – Lauren O’Connor

Lauren was last year’s drum instructor at camp. As a teenager, she was introduced to the drums and was instantly hooked. “My brother had a drum set in our basement and when he wasn’t around, I would get behind and play as often as I could.”

When asked why she would want to play the drums she said, “It was always something about playing rhythm. Being able to be the foundation of the music to get people moving was something I wanted to be a part of.”

Some of Lauren’s biggest influences were Dee Plakas, Bill Ward and Patty Schemel. “I have such a broad taste in music it is so hard to narrow it down. The first time I heard a L7 album, I was immediately captivated by Dee’s style. It was something I hadn’t heard before. Bill Ward had a unique style combining jazz and hard rock; it influenced me to want to learn new styles. Patty is just awesome. She is such a machine and hard hitter; she led the way for so many female drummers by those wanting to have that quality, including myself.”

Lauren’s favorite part of rock camp last year was instructing drums. “It was mind-blowing how these girls started off not knowing anything about the drums to all of a sudden doing fills and being confident in their playing by the end of the week. It inspired me to want to become a better drummer- so in a way, they instructed me.”

Outside of banging on the drums, Lauren enjoys traveling, going to see live shows, and spending time with friends and family.

Some advice for Lauren would give to those that want to play, “If you want to play the drums or any instrument, be patient with yourself. It can get frustrating and at times you might want to give up. Tell yourself you can do it and practice as much as you can. Most importantly, have fun!!”

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