Girls Rock Dallas Gear Loan Form

Name: *
Email: *
Phone: *

Information on gear that is being loaned:

1st Loaned Item:

Estimated value of gear: $
Condition of gear:
Description of gear (scratches, dents, etc):

2nd Loaned Item (if needed):

Estimated value of gear.:
Condition of gear.:
Description of gear (scratches, dents, etc).:

The loanee agrees that the above listed gear is on loan to Girls Rock Dallas for use during camp week. The loanee is responsible for picking up the gear between 5-7pm on Friday, July 17.

If the gear is damaged more than normal wear and tear during normal circumstances, Girls Rock Dallas will be reimbursing loanee up to 50% of the gear’s value listed above.

By signing below, the loanee acknowledges that Girls Rock Dallas is allowed to use the gear in normal circumstances during July 13-17, 2015 and to expect normal wear and tear on the gear upon return.

Signature: *

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