Donate or Loan Your Gear

We happily accept donations of instruments and other musical equipment. If you cannot donate your gear, but would still like to contribute, please see the Loaned Gear Wish List below.IMG_0688

Donation Wish list
• electric guitars
• bass guitars
• lefty electric guitars
• lefty bass guitars
• picks
• keyboards
• drum kits, which include, snare, kick, toms,
••cymbals, cymbal stands, hi hat and thrones
• drum sticks
• microphones and microphone stands
• guitar and bass amps
• tuners and effects pedals
• cables (quarter-inch, xlr, speaker)
• earplugs
• guitar straps
• guitar and bass strings
• music stands and instrument stands
• extension cords and power strips
• recording equipment

Loaned Gear Wish List

• electric guitars
• bass guitars
• drum kits, which include, snare, kick, toms, cymbals, cymbal stands, hi hat, thrones
• keyboards
• guitar amps
• bass amps

Loaners will be responsible for dropping off their gear before camp and picking up their gear on the last day of camp. Arrangements can be made for gear drop off and pick up, if necessary.

Please fill out our Loan Your Gear form online. We will contact you with further details as soon as we receive your form.
Contact Rachel if you have any questions. Thank you! We appreciate you!

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