Featured Instructor – Rah Stitches

Rah was one of Girls Rock Dallas’ bass instructors at last year’s camp. She currently plays bass for The Razorblade Dolls.

Rah picked up a guitar at the age of 16, not realizing that she was actually a bass player. “I took my guitar and would drop tune the strings so low and slap the crap out of it and break all my strings. It wasn’t until White Zombie came out that I realized that is the instrument I was born to play.”

Rah currently owns a Peavy Precision Bass (first one) autographed by Rob Zombie, a Ibanez Gio that is punked out with stickers and paint, BC Rich Warlock because of her love for a Misfits style bass, Epiphone Thunderbird Gothic Edition bass. On stage Rah uses an Ampeg cab and a
Line 6 wireless. “The wireless makes it way easier for me to jump and run around on stage. Line 6 is my all time favorite!”

Some of Rah’s influences are White Zombie, Bikini Kill, L7, Ramones, and Ministry.

Rah said her favorite part of the camp last year was seeing the girls perform their first live concert. She was amazed on how fast they learned during musical instrument time. Rah also loved the dance parties!

Some advice to girls wanting to learn an instrument- “Do it. Pick up an instrument. Don’t be afraid to try other instruments till you find the one that is perfect for you. If you can’t form a band you like, join one that you can deal with being in. Once you start playing live with that band most likely you will get stolen by a band or some people that you were meant to perform with. And don’t let those boys walk all over you!” She also stated that she wished Girls Rock Dallas was around when she was younger- she would have been so far ahead of the game.

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