What is the age range for Girls Rock Dallas?

Ages 8 to 17, at the time of camp.

Do I have to have experience playing music?

Girl musicians of all levels should come to rock camp! You don’t need any experience. All you need is a desire to rock out!

Do I have to bring my own instrument?

No, Girls Rock Dallas provides the musical instruments. You can always bring your own instrument if you have one.

What instruments do you teach?

Guitars, drums, bass, keyboard and vocals. We have instructors for all of these instruments. Additionally, the girls will form their own bands and learn to write an original song. They will perform these songs at a showcase scheduled at the end of their camp session.

Do you teach anything besides rock music at your camp?

Absolutely! Girls Rock Dallas’ campers are encouraged to explore all types of music that interest them. Our organization is dedicated to teaching girls to creatively express themselves with music.

How are the bands formed?

We do not assign bands ahead of time before the camp session. On the first day of camp, we have Band Formation activities that help inform the band assignments, and we take many different factors into account when forming the bands. If your camper has a friend at camp that she would like to be in a band with, she can indicate that on her Band Formation activity sheet on the first day.

Why a rock camp just for girls?

Girls Rock Dallas differs from other music instruction classes by providing a safe, all-female oriented environment for the girls to interact and be themselves, thereby cultivating higher self-esteem and confidence. The all-female atmosphere allows girls to loosen up, and express themselves in a judgment free space.

How did Girls Rock Dallas begin?

Girls Rock Dallas is inspired by Rock ‘n’ Roll Camp for Girls, which debuted in Portland, Oregon in 2001. To date there are over 40 Girls Rock Camps in the United States and Internationally. Girls Rock Dallas seeks to emulate the original Portland camp in and provide a camp that is distinctly local. Girls Rock Camp Dallas was founded in 2011.

What if a girl really wants to go to rock camp and can’t afford it?

Girls Rock Dallas provides partial and full financial assistance on a need basis. We encourage everyone who can easily afford tuition to pay it in full. We hope to raise enough money to help everyone who wants to participate in Girls Rock Dallas.

I wish this was around when I was a girl!

It’s not too late! We offer Ladies Rock Camp, a three-day rock n’ roll boot camp, to women ages 18 and up.

How can I help or support Girls Rock Dallas?

Click the link to the Get Involved page to find out how you can hell Girls Rock Dallas.

Can men volunteer?

It is our mission to provide girls with as many awesome female role models as possible. We prefer placing women in volunteer positions that involve direct instruction, mentorship and leadership. Some volunteer positions are open to any gender, and we encourage men to apply for those positions. To learn more about our volunteer positions, click here.

I want to come to your camp but I don’t live in Dallas. Can I still come?

Yes! You do not have to live in Dallas to attend camp. If you are coming from out-of-town, know that we are not an overnight camp and we do not provide accommodations or meals.

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