Core Job Descriptions and Application

Girls Rock Dallas is currently seeking additional individuals to join their year around staff.  All positions are currently unpaid, although they provide an opportunity to do meaningful work for a nonprofit organization that matches your passions and values. Our positions provide great opportunity to network; build skills in a positive work environment with an incredible team of women. We are happy to work with your school to meet the requirements you need in order to receive credit, and we are happy to provide job recommendations and letters.


Must have excellent written, oral, and interpersonal skills. Must be highly organized and a self-starter. Strong multitasking ability required, as well as the ability to meet deadlines. Must pay tremendous attention to detail. Special events and community outreach activities often occur in the evenings and on weekends, so candidates must be available to keep a flexible schedule.  Dedication to embodying the mission of Girls Rock Dallas and developing programs that carry out the mission.

Familiarity with Microsoft Office, Google Apps/docs/gmail preferred. Experience conducting online research. Reliability and punctuality are a must. Interest in music, feminism, social justice, and cultural issues a big plus.

Flexible schedule, Monday-Friday, approx. 3-5 hours weekly, possibly more during summer camp, with occasional meetings and events on evenings and weekends. (Mandatory Meeting once a month from January-April;  Mandatory Bi-Monthly Meetings in May-July)


Volunteer Coordinator – This position is responsible for developing and managing Girls Rock Dallas’ Volunteer Program.


  • Organizes, coordinates and manages the recruitment of volunteers.
  • Performs volunteer outreach and recruitment through the community.
  • Works with social, civic and local organizations to develop partnerships, where appropriate, to develop and/or utilize   volunteers.
  • Develops a concise volunteer application process including, application, screening, interviewing and training.
  • Maintains volunteer records, database and statistics.
  • Develops and implements training programs for all volunteers.
  • Recommends and develops ongoing volunteer utilization.
  • Develops and implements a formal and information volunteer recognition program, including a volunteer appreciation party.
  • Maintains the volunteer page on website
  • Provides ongoing communication, support and guidance for volunteers throughout the application process and all GRD   activities.


  • The ability to communicate with, supervise and empower volunteers to be effective in their roles – experience with volunteers preferred.
  • The ability to work cooperatively with different types of personalities.
  • Excellent organizational skills and the ability manage a wide range of tasks.
  • The experience of managing or coordinating projects and volunteers.
  • Detail-orientated self-starter who shows independent judgment, strong problem-solving skills, and the ability to meet deadlines.
  • Management Experience preferred.

Outreach Director – This position is responsible for building strategic relationships, conduct a variety of outreach activities, and recruit and retain volunteers, campers and donors.


  • Create and implement annual community outreach plan.
  • Coordinate and organize outreach events, tablings and other special outreach events.
  • Identify and build relationships with schools, community organizations, businesses, music organizations, etc. in order to recruit camp volunteers and attendees.
  • Increase community awareness and build community partnerships.
  • Work with local organizations include lower income and at-risk communities to participate in program.


  • Excellent public speaking and presentation skills
  • Ability to connect with others and forge strong relationships
  • Excellent organizational skills and the ability manage a wide range of tasks.
  • Able to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing.

PR & Media Director – This position is responsible for planning, development and implementation of all of the Organization’s marketing strategies, marketing communications, and public relations activities, both external and internal.


  • Responsible for establishing an Internet presence for public relations campaigns.
  • In charge of GRD’s social media and online presence which includes the management of Facebook and Twitter.
  • Responsibilities include managing each social media channel by updating the accounts with relevant articles, videos and blogs , maintaining a consistent corporate voice throughout all communications and responding thoughtfully to inquiries or complaints that arise from social media correspondence.
  • Coordinate media interest and ensure regular contact with target media and appropriate response to media requests.
  • Acts as the organization’s representative with the media.
  • Coordinate the appearance of all print and electronic materials, such as letterhead, use of logo, brochures, etc.
  • Ensure that the organization regularly conducts relevant market research and coordinate and oversee this activity. Monitor trends.
  • Develop short- and long-term plans and budgets for the marketing/communications/public relations program and its activities, monitor progress, assure adherence and evaluate performance.


  • Demonstrated skills, knowledge and experience in the design and execution of marketing, communications and public relations activities.
  • Demonstrated successful experience writing press releases, making presentations and negotiating with media.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Technical knowledge and understanding of social media platforms, metrics and tracking.

Procurement Coordinator – This position works to procure donations of every kind to support the organization.


  • Works directly with local restaurants and businesses to obtain in-kind donations for fundraising efforts, including silent auction, raffle items, camper gifts, camp supplies, as well as food donations during camp week.
  • Obtains lunches, snacks and beverages for volunteers and campers.
  • Creates and organizes restaurants participation schedule, as well as following-up with donors on delivery and service.
  • Work with PR/Media Director to properly promote in-kind donations requests Update website to include additional donors.


  • Requires an outgoing, determined individual who is organized, a self-starter and will follow through with donation requests.
  • Will be required to request donations via email, phone and in-person.
  • Must be organized and have the ability to handle scheduling and working within multiple spreadsheets.

Marketing and Creative Designer – This position is responsible for maintaining all electronic and printed materials for the organization.


  • Design electronic and printed materials such as brochures, flyers, posters, forms, t-shirts, event tickets, folders, handbooks, and manuals using computer software and manual art methods.
  • Design, produce, and implement the units marketing plan and lead specific marketing campaigns.
  • Effectively manage designated budget to maximize desired outcomes, their vision, provide cost estimates, schedule jobs, and prepare invoices.
  • Develop and manage year-round media/advertising plan as directed by the Executive Director


  • Knowledge of software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash and/or InDesign, which are commonly used in the production of graphic design
  • Must work well under deadlines
  • Detail-orientated self-starter who shows independent judgment, strong problem-solving skills, and the ability to meet deadlines.
  • Able to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing.


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