Board of Directors

The Board of Directors oversees the organization and acts as a central decision-making body. The function of the board is to ensure that the camp upholds its mission; to set a direction and long-term goals for the organization; to advocate for and represent the organization in order to promote its welfare; to help bring resources to the organization; and to monitor, oversee, and assure the financial, programming, ethical, legal, and governmental integrity of the organization.  Interested in joining our Board of Directors? Click here to learn more.

Rachel Hardy(Dallas) – Executive Director – Dallas/Founder/Chairman of the Board
Rachel grew up in North Richland Hills, Texas where she began her musical career playing flute and bass in high school band. While attending the University of Texas at Arlington, she began taking Women’s Studies courses and has been active in promoting women’s rights and equality since 2010. Rachel has been involved in three girl bands in the DFW area and has substituted for a few local bands as well. While not working on the camp, Rachel enjoys reading, sewing, knitting, and spending time with her cat.

Allie Noelle (Dallas) – Vice-President
Allie grew up in Fort Worth, Texas. She is a classically trained vocalist, and has studied ballet, theater, piano, and guitar, recording her first album and music video at the age of sixteen. She is currently working towards her Bachelor’s degree in English, while teaching voice and guitar lessons, working as the backup vocalist for the award winning Dallas power-pop band Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs, and is recording her next solo release.

Lezlie Deane (Dallas) – Secretary
Lezlie grew up in Corsicana, Texas. She has acted in several horror films, including “976-EVIL” and “Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare”, as well as several guest appearances on numerous television shows. Lezlie was also in the dance-pop group Fem2fem. Lezlie was Captain of The Slaughterers, a roller derby team in Dallas and is currently the lead singer of Scary Cherry and the Bang Bangs.

Tom Hilbun (Dallas) – Treasuer
Tom was born in Pennsylvania but has lived in Garland, Texas since the 6th grade.  He worked at scout camps during the summer throughout high school and college. Tom has a Chemical Engineering degree from Texas Tech University and worked at Texas Instruments for 6 years before attending law school at Southern Methodist University.  He currently works in the Xerox Corporation legal department where he specializes in patents, trademarks, copyrights and software licensing. Before his two children were old enough to require constant taxi service to sports practice, music lessons and scouts, you might occasionally see Tom playing saxophone with the Texas Instruments Jazz Band (an 18 piece amateur jazz band formed by engineers at TI.)   Although most of his “free” time is spent as a taxi driver, he sometimes still gets to play his saxophone.  After the kids go to bed, Tom brews his own beer.


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